I need to capture this

It burns within me

I reach out to grasp it

Like a suspecting vapour,

It swirls through my fingers

And vanishes into the air above my head

I fear to forget it

To forget what it stands for

The beautiful sensation that grasped my heart

And tugged at my soul

Kindness, goodness, friendship

As I had never seen.

They seemed no more words that I tried to understand,

But concrete physical structures like the stones of which the houses in Ontario are built,

Or the pavement that lines the sides of London’s roads.

They have a texture much like the leaves of the famous maple tree.

I must capture them

Because I cannot freeze them and place them in a box,

Because I cannot cast them in stone,

Because I cannot condense them into water and carry away.

I must hold them in my heart and mind,

I must memorize their depth and sweetness,

I must latch onto them with all my faculties

This one thing;

Malcolm offered to drive us to Niagara falls.



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